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  • Australian passport holders travelling to Thailand for ANY business meetings, conferences or related business activities MUST obtain a business visa unless the purpose of their business is to attend an event sanctioned by the Thai Convention and Exhibition Bureau and documentation can confirm this.  Thailand’s visa-free relaxation for Australians (30 days if arriving by air and 15 days if arriving over land) ONLY covers those travelling for genuine tourism purposes and Thai immigration officers may refuse entry if they suspect the purpose of the visit is for business activities.
  • Australian passport holders are not required to obtain a visa when entering Thailand for tourism purposes and will be permitted to stay in Thailand for a period not exceeding 30 days on each visit. Entering Thailand at immigration checkpoints which border neighbouring countries (overland crossing), however, will be allowed to stay for 15 days each time.
  • The Royal Thai Consulate-General wishes to announce that, effective from 1 July B.E. 2560 (2017), Consular Service Fees will be adjusted in accordance with related Thai laws and regulations as well as the exchange rate (Thai Baht – Australian Dollar) as follows: LINK
  • As of 15 August 2016, there are strict requirements regarding the issuance of Multiple Entry Non-Immigrant Visas, which will only be issued on a case by case basis. For further information, please contact us direct to discuss any such application.
  • FOR NATIONALS OF: Afghanistan, Algeria, Bangladesh, Cameroon, Central African Republic, China, Congo, Egypt, Equatorial Guinea, Ghana, Guinea, India, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Nepal, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestine, Sao Tome and Principe, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sri Lanka, Sudan, Syria, and Yemen MUST APPLY FOR VISA WITH THE ROYAL THAI EMBASSY website http://canberra.thaiembassy.org/Home/visa



Processing Time: 2 Business Days

No appointment is necessary to apply for visa

TRANSIT Transit Not exceeding 30 days per entry Documents Require Transit
TOURIST Tourist Not exceeding 60 days per entry Documents Require Tourist
EMPLOYMENT Non-Immigrant Not exceeding 90 days per entry Documents Require Employment
BUSINESS Non-Immigrant Not exceeding 90 days per entry Documents Require Business
SPOUSE Non-Immigrant Not exceeding 90 days per entry Documents Require Spouse
VOLUNTEER Non-Immigrant Not exceeding 90 days per entry Documents Require Volunteer
EDUCATION Non-Immigrant Not exceeding 90 days per entry Documents Require Education
THAI NATION Non-Immigrant Not exceeding 90 days per entry Documents Require Thai Nation

NOTE: The Consulate reserves the right to request more documents if required.



Special Annoucement

Between 1 March - 31 August 2017

Tourist Visa (single entry) to Thailand will be exempted from the visa fee and

Visa on Arrival (VoA) fee will be decreased from THB 2,000 to THB 1,000

**only for the eligible countries listed below**

Andorra Bulgaria Bhutan China*   Cyprus Ethiopia Fiji
India* Kazakhstan Latvia Lithuania Maldives Malta Mauritius
Papua New Guinea Romania San Marino Saudi Arabia Taiwan Ukraine Uzbekistan

*Use Visa Application Form B and apply at the Royal Thai Embassy, Canberra or the Royal Thai Consulate-General, Sydney.


Summary of Countries and Territories entitled for Visa Exemption and Visa on Arrival to Thailand

รายชื่อประเทศ/ดินแดนที่คนชาตินั้นได้รับการยกเว้นการตรวจลงตรา และสามารถขอ Visa on Arrival สําหรับการเข้าราชอาณาจักร

visa exemption to thailand


* Nationals of Brazil, Republic of Korea and Peru are entitled for tourist visa exemption scheme. Meanwhile, Thailand also holds bilateral agreements
on visa exemption for holders of diplomatic, official and ordinary passports for a visit of not exceeding 90 days with Brazil, Republic of Korea and Peru.

** If such nationals enter the Kingdom at the immigration checkpoints which border neighboring countries, they will be allowed to stay for 15 days each
time, except (1) Malaysian nationals who cross the borderline from Malaysia, (2) Nationals of the G7 countries: USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany,
Italy and Japan, whose granted period of stay will not exceed 30 days each time. In addition, such nationals who hold diplomatic and official passports
are also practically exempted from visa for tourism.